Saturday, 8 December 2012

Rich Harrill's London and Wales

  Welcome to my London and Wales blog!  This was definitely a trip to remember, as I spent several days in London, then took a train to Cardiff, Wales.  I think that the U.K. has more than meets the eye--many people think they know what they will experience there, but I found nuances that sometimes defy expectations. 
I am going to tackle the "food thing" upfront:  the stereotype that British food is not that good is dead wrong!  Everywhere I went, I found great dishes from all of the world prepared by London's diverse international community.  Even the British staples--fish and chips and bangers and mash--was prepared a little different depending on the establishment.  I was always surprised at some variation in the type of fish (cod or haddock?) or bangers (beef or lamb?) or some interesting twists to the chips or mash.  Great, appropriate food for hard working people in a cool climate.  London is a walking city so you will need some fuel!
Not as  majestic, but I love the simple lines.
 The famous double decker buses!
 Big Ben--more impressive in person!
 Quit following me! LOL.
 Westminister Abbey
 Indulging one of my favorite pastimes.
Amy Winehouse homage in her beloved Camden.
Protesting Starbucks reluctance to pay U.K. taxes.
 I'm getting scared!  Not.
  Camden is much fun!
 Camden Market
 London features great cuisine from around the world.
 Great nightlife!
 Seating in the shape of motorbike seats.
 The curry chicken was outstanding!
 Maison Bertaux is a famous bake shop favored by Gwyneth Paltrow.
Hmmm--I'll have want Gwyneth had.  
 Black British cabs outside Molly Moggs.
 Another sweets shop.
 Break dancing lives in the U.K.  The British are great audiophiles and revere U.S. hip hop, jazz, and r&b.

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